The EVECOS switchgear concept (energy distribution and control system) offers a free choice of the structural form, interior fitting and ease of use corresponding to the operating conditions and the environmental setting. By means of the modular and standardised construction, perfect adaptation to meet the requirements is possible. This construction also makes upgrading and expansion simple. A high safety level is assured by the strict compliance with technical parameters.

Array types for switchgear cabinet system solutions:

  • TSK design (sample tested): busbar configuration up to 8000 A
  • PTSK design (part tested): busbar configuration up to 4000 A

What are the advantages of EVECOS?

  • Fast and clear project planning using standard loads and fields
  • Minimised wiring complexity because of the uniform control and bus concept
  • Simple and clearly arranged energy and operating data recording
  • Troubleshooting using diagnostics options via bus concept
  • Shorter production times because of standardised array types and consumer outlets
  • Demanding tasks quickly and easily brought under control
  • High availability using plug-in design