We offer our customers a wide range of system integration services. We plan, project and build system solutions in the field of automation, switchgear and information technology, ranging from system extensions and modernisation measures to complex new plants. We guarantee reliable planning and transparent cost management from the outset. To do so, we work closely with our customers throughout every phase of their project.

Alltec Perfomences Service

Moreover, our services do not end when a system goes live, because we are also competent and experienced partners for the maintenance of our customers’ plants, systems and technical installations. To safeguard high system operability for the entire period of operation, we work to the specifications of the German industry standard for maintenance work, DIN 31 051.

Maintenance and inspection

A long system life and little wear are very important to our customers. Our maintenance and inspection services include periodical assessments of the condition of our customers’ system. Moreover, our team will take all necessary steps to prevent failures and maintain full system capacity.

Repairs / Other services

We do not leave our customers alone if their systems malfunction or fail. Our on-call emergency team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make sure that our customers’ systems will be returned to operation as soon as possible after failure – no matter whether the problem requires on-site repairs or can be fixed via remote access. AllTec customers can always contact our 24 hour service hotline or get in touch with our specialists directly to have them log on to their systems remotely.

AllTec stands for one-stop services. In addition to failure repair, we deliver consumables and assemble replacement parts for our customers, and we also carry out system checks and test ru