Video surveillance systems (CCTV)

Alltec Information Technology Solutions CCTV

Increasing crime, burglary, theft and vandalism are recurring problems today, and affect the most widely varied sectors. Those affected include, among others, private individuals, companies involved in trade and industry, banks and the authorities. A reduction in, or even the elimination of, such attacks can be achieved with video surveillance systems.

Make your company safe too by incorporating a video surveillance system that is individually adapted to your requirements.

The video surveillance system can be used not only to monitor the area and what happens on site, but also to keep track of numerous places and items relevant to security simultaneously. All data is recorded and stored, so that later, monitoring and investigation of the facts are possible. For your company, this means cost-effective, constant surveillance and the preservation of evidence in the event of damage.

Our range of services includes:

Analogue video surveillance systems consisting of at least one surveillance camera and a display monitor, which allows you to record the images (for example on videotape).

Digital video surveillance systems with digital cameras, which are connected to a computer via a TCP/IP network (IP cameras). Using special video surveillance software, additional functions can be added, such as motion recognition, face recognition and image storage.