Business solution

Alltec Informationstechnik Loesungen Branchenloesungen

Business solutions are information- and communication technologies which are made for special branches like hotels, nursing homes or other care facilities. Each of these branches has different demands on the information- and communication system.

HotCom (hotel management)

The telecommunications system, the communication server BCS and the HotCom Front-Office-System generate the core of the solution. Here, the system combines the function of the communication system with a comfortable windows-software for a smoothly use in your house.

Advantages for you and your guests:

  • Disclosure of a guest account when the guest arrives
  • Activation of the telephone
  • Automatically booking of all incidental telephone charges with individual hotel intern charge modalities
  • Input of reminder appointments by check-in or by a guest device ( you can get woken up by a voice or by music, all wake-up-calls will be recorded)
  • Integration of a hotel specific digital storage for audio files

SeCom (Senior- and nursing home management)

SeCom is a connection of communication and safety for care facilities. SeCom combines efficient nurse call, senior-oriented telephony, activity recording, assisted living, alarm-management and the administration of the residents in one powerful system.

At the same time this solution also satisfies the requirements of the nursing home administration, the nurses as well as the nursing home residents in needs of a modern resident-emergency-call and communication system.
Our trained technicians would like to give you more information about these solutions and share their experience with you. Please communicate with our sales assistant Mrs. Thomas Schroth dialing 03433/246-165.